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Cyber Risk & Managed Peace of Mind

For your company. For your IT manager. For your staff. For your vendors & partners. For your clients.

Welcome to your new safe space! We are creators for your peace of mind. Our passion is the cyber risk management of each of our clients. We simply will not rest until we have achieved the extraordinary for you.

Bring us your compliance challenge, your vendor questionnaire, your breach story, your business process concerns, your technology, your confidential problems with an insider.

Counter Measures Security has the expertise and vision to analyze, propose and execute to nearly any standard and any requirement. We deliver a higher level of expertise than our clients could staff, while reducing costs through our outsourced cyber risk management service.


Don't Risk What You Can Control

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How We Get It Done

As our name implies, we are the masters of prevention, planning and counter measures. Perhaps you have been on a perfect vacation before: everything worked out, from the travel itself to the destination, from the fact that you didn’t get sick to the weather to the exceeded expectations. Now think about all the million things that had to go right for that.

With Counter Measures Security, it’s a lot like that: we take your requirements and think of all the scenarios and details using our expertise and library of risk management touchstones. Then we filter out the noise and present you with options for your own customized cyber risk management.

Creative Prevention

The sweet spot for cyber risk management is at the intersection of technology, processes and people. Our solutions work on multiple levels.

Behavioral 'Nudging'

Cyber risk management is not simply a technology challenge. We create solutions around behavior, policy and known risk management.

Sense of Security

There is no such thing as complete security. We manage our clients posture by controlling what is possible and by planning beyond.

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Counter Measures Security is a new type of boutique security firm serving small businesses' cyber security needs in a new way. Up until now, small businesses have found that cyber security providers only cater to larger corporations and use complex, high dollar technology and consulting methods which simply do not apply to smaller organizations (and which are financially well out of reach).

Budget Friendly

Mindful of the budget constraints and the differences of acceptable risk between small and large companies, we created a range of competitively priced products and services.


We've Come a Long Way

Our journey from IT Security to Cyber Security

It seems as though every IT provider now offers some or another cyber security solution. These are often sold as one-and-done packages, claiming to put to bed any issues of cyber security. However, aside from technical IT products (like anti-virus, spam filter, etc.), comprehensive cyber risk management requires the careful balancing of insurance, legal, human resource policies and many other areas. Managing the big picture across these diverse fields of expertise is an executive-level, fiduciary duty. Because small businesses simply cannot staff this type of expertise we step in with our outsourced, security-as-a-service model.


When Counter Measures Security launched on January 1st, 2018, we were the only cyber risk management firm that we knew of with a non-technical focus. While our core expertise and our experiences were forged in decades of IT consulting and management, we set out to create a different type of company. We cannot appreciate enough all the many customers who have proven us right.  



Our services are often highly customized, but here are some examples of our work

Cyber Risk Assessments

Our assessments follow a proprietary process but always end up customized to your requirements and situation.

Cyber Risk Programs

For clients without a formal security program in place, we provide security-as-a-service plans to mange emerging and ongoing cyber risks.

Cyber Risk Policies

We help clients which come up on vendor or compliance requirements and need to present written information security policies.

Be in Touch

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Tel: 610-717-3947

168 W. Ridge Pike, Suite 208 

Limerick, PA 19468

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